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Boiler Repairs St Helens

Ensuring Your Home’s Comfort and Safety: Annual Boiler Servicing and Repairs by DB Plumbing & Heating.

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Boiler Servicing

At DB Plumbing & Heating, we understand that your boiler is the unsung hero of your home, tirelessly providing warmth and comfort, often without much thought. Regular boiler servicing is essential to ensure that it continues to do so efficiently and safely. 

What happens during your annual boiler service?


Initial Inspection

During a boiler servicing, your appointed boiler engineer will thoroughly look at the overall condition of your boiler to assess its functionality.

We will inspect the most important aspect of the boiler and its controls: safety. The controls regulate the flow of water and fuel so it’s vital they are working and are safe to use. We also check for leaks and obvious faults with the outside of your boiler.


Under the Hood

Once we’ve checked the outside of the boiler, we will pop off the outer casing and look through the internal components.

We’ll carry out a gas pressure test to measure the pressure of your boiler and make sure it’s functioning at the right amount. Other tests we carry out include a flue test. This will check the CO and combustion ratio to ensure they are at a safe amount and not emitting an excess of carbon monoxide gas.


Clean Boiler

Lastly, we will clean any components of the boiler that need a tidy up and check for lime scale or debris.

Once everything is in order, we will pop the outer case back on the boiler and give one last check. Before we leave, we will provide all relevant information about the boiler servicing that you can keep for your own records.

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Here's why homeowners need to make annual boiler servicing a priority:

  1. Safety First: The safety of our engineers and customers is paramount, and an annual boiler service is crucial in maintaining it. Gas and heating systems can pose safety risks if not properly maintained. During a service, our Gas Safe qualified engineers thoroughly inspect your boiler, checking for potential gas leaks, carbon monoxide emissions, and other safety concerns. 
  2. Optimal Efficiency: Over time, boilers can accumulate dust, debris, and wear and tear that reduce their efficiency. A well-maintained boiler operates at peak efficiency, providing consistent heat while consuming less energy. This translates to lower energy bills, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Extended Lifespan: Regular servicing can significantly extend the lifespan of your boiler. A boiler that receives proper care and attention is less likely to suffer from breakdowns and costly repairs. By investing in annual servicing, you’re investing in the long-term health of your heating system.
  4. Guarantee / Warranty Compliance: Many boiler manufacturers require annual servicing to maintain the warranty’s validity. Neglecting to service your boiler as per the manufacturer’s guidelines could void the warranty, leaving you responsible for repair costs that should have been covered.
  5. Peace of Mind: Knowing that your boiler is in excellent condition provides peace of mind. You won’t have to worry about unexpected breakdowns or safety issues. Regular servicing allows you to rest easy, even during the coldest winter days.

Worcester Bosch Accredited

We are your local Worcester Bosch installers.

Gas Safe Engineers

All our engineers are Gas Safe registered (No: 559503.)

Excellent Guarantee

Receive up to a 12 year guarantee on your new boiler.

Boiler Repairs

When your boiler experiences issues, you need a reliable and local solution to get your heating system back on track. DB Plumbing & Heating is your trusted partner for local boiler repairs in St Helens, Warrington, and Wigan.  

We take pride in our reputation as the go-to experts for boiler fault finding on many boiler brands and models. Here’s why homeowners and businesses in these areas trust us for their boiler repair needs:

  1. Local Presence: As a local company, we understand the unique heating challenges residents and businesses face in St Helens, Warrington, and Wigan. Our proximity allows us to respond quickly to boiler emergencies and breakdowns, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.
  2. Extensive Expertise: Boiler problems can be complex, and each brand and model may present unique challenges. Our DB Plumbing & Heating team has a wealth of “fault-finding” expertise on various boiler brands and models. We’re well-versed in diagnosing issues and providing efficient and effective repairs.
  3. Swift Response: We understand that a malfunctioning boiler can be a major inconvenience, especially during the colder months. That’s why we prioritise rapid response times. When you contact us for a boiler repair, we aim to get your heating system up and running as quickly as possible.