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Landlord Gas Safety

Ensure the safety of your tenants with a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate from DB Plumbing & Heating in St Helens, Warrington, and Wigan.

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Landlord Gas Safety Services St Helens

It’s essential to prioritise the safety of your tenants by obtaining a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate (also known as a CP12 certificate). DB Plumbing and Heating is your trusted local company that ensures your rental properties meet the necessary gas safety standards. 

Why Do You Need a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

Legal Requirement: Landlords in the UK are legally obligated to have gas appliances, fittings, and flues in their rental properties checked annually by a Gas Safe registered engineer. 

Tenant Safety: The primary purpose of a Landlord Gas Safety Certificate is to protect the safety of your tenants. Regular inspections ensure that gas appliances work correctly, reducing the risk of gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and other potential hazards.

Liability Protection: Compliance with gas safety regulations helps protect you from potential legal liabilities. In the event of an accident or injury caused by a gas appliance, having a valid certificate demonstrates your commitment to safety and legal compliance.

Insurance Requirement: Some insurance providers may require you to provide a valid Landlord Gas Safety Certificate as a condition of your landlord insurance policy. Failure to comply could result in voided coverage in the event of a claim.

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What Does the Landlord Gas Safety Certificate Include?

A Landlord Gas Safety Certificate covers the following essential checks:

  • Inspection of all gas appliances for gas tightness and safe operation.
  • Ventilation checks to ensure the safe removal of combustion products.
  • Verification of the flue flow to make sure it is safely removing gases.
  • Checking the condition of safety devices and controls.
  • Examination of the burner pressure and gas rate against the manufacturer’s data.
  • Testing the effectiveness of any flue spillage detection devices (if installed).
  • Inspect the physical stability, presence, and effectiveness of brackets and supports (if applicable).

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Safeguard your tenants and comply with legal requirements by scheduling your Landlord Gas Safety Certificate inspection with DB Plumbing & Heating in St Helens, Warrington, or Wigan. Contact us today to ensure the gas safety of your rental properties and gain peace of mind knowing that your tenants are protected.

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